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Homes are magnets for junk and clutter. Despite best intentions, your possessions have a habit of building and accumulating over the years until, one day, you look around and realize you’re surrounded.

Freeing your house of things you don’t need is liberating. However, the problem is that many people don’t know where to start. Here’s how you can prepare for a whole house junk clearout.


Decluttering your home of junk seems like a straightforward job. But once you start going through the garage, opening boxes, or getting to the back of the wardrobe, you’ll begin discovering long-forgotten items. It’s too easy to get distracted.

Formulating a plan is essential, especially if your residential junk removal process is part of moving home or renovating. So get focused; otherwise, sorting through your junk will become a long and winding trip down memory lane.


One of the most challenging aspects of junk removal is having second thoughts over particular items. It’s easy to get sentimental and convince yourself that you might need an item someday.

So, set a goal for your junk cleanout. Do you want to reclaim a room? Whittle your possessions down to a particular size? Get rid of old clothes that don’t fit you anymore?

Whatever your aims, make a plan and stick to it.


Even if you don’t want it anymore, you should still care about where your junk goes. As the old saying goes, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. 

Note down what items you can give to goodwill. Alternatively, explore the idea of a yard sale or put some things up on Craigslist, Amazon, or Facebook Marketplace.

If you just want everything out of your life, eco-friendly junk removal services like Clear It Junk Removal will recycle or donate what we can. If you’re short on time, that sort of service is invaluable.


Big jobs are overwhelming. Do yourself a favor and go room by room. There are a few different ways to think about this. You can:

  • Start with the most cluttered room and get the toughest jobs out of the way first
  • Start with the easiest room and work your way up.

Whatever you choose, breaking it down into discrete stages makes the process far more manageable.


When your home is cluttered, it’s hard to know what to remove first. In our experience, it’s best to begin with the trash first. Some items can’t be recycled or reused, so remove them from the equation.

Go into each room and target the trash. Once the garbage is gone, you can decide what can be donated to goodwill, recycled, or kept around.

Clear It Junk Removal is a personalized, full-service junk removal service that serves Long Beach, CA. We’re locally owned and operated and provide free estimates and transparent pricing.


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