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Is your refrigerator past its best? Perhaps you want to invest in a shiny new microwave to replace your old model? No matter how well you care for your appliances, they won’t last forever. While some people sell or donate their old appliances, this method can be time-consuming and inefficient, especially if your appliance is non-functional. 

So, how can you prevent your old appliance from gathering dust and taking up space in your home? We’ve listed your available options below.


Some people choose to complete the job themselves by loading the appliance onto a vehicle and transporting it to a disposal center. While this option is cheaper than hiring professional removers – especially if you own a van – it can be complex. For example, you’ll need to know whether and how to recycle your appliance. 

Generally speaking, electrical appliances should be recycled, as they contain valuable metals such as gold and copper that can be used again. Many electronics feature a wheelie bin symbol that indicates their recyclability. However, some electronics do not have this symbol and require different treatments. At the same time, some recycling centers do not handle e-waste and may reject your appliance, making the disposal process confusing and frustrating. To ensure your appliance is disposed of ethically, it’s better to trust the professionals.


Some towns offer curbside appliance disposal services alongside their standard trash collection services. However, you may not have access to such a program, and may need to wait up to a month for a scheduled service. Furthermore, you may need to pay premium rates for the local service to pick up large items such as ovens or water heaters. 


Professional junk removal services are fantastic if you want to get rid of your appliance quickly, efficiently, and responsibly. As part of an overall house clean out process, you can rest assured they will follow eco-friendly disposal practices and do all the necessary heavy lifting. Plus, you can schedule the pickup for a time that suits your lifestyle.  


Do you need premium appliance removal services at a fair and affordable price? Look no further than Clear It Junk Removal. Our team offers same-day or next-day pickup services to ensure your home remains clutter-free. We also offer free estimates and don’t charge hidden fees. For more information, get in touch today at (562) 515-5125. 


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